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We offer an extensive range of dairy products. Our new extended assortment will be available on the website soon.

Maasdam, A characteristic Dutch cheese

This creamy, semi-hard cheese full of ‘eyes’ (holes) is made from cow’s milk, and is available both in wheels and blocks. The gas that is produced inside the cheese during the ripening process, gives Maasdam it’s special shape and taste.Due to it’s appearance full of holes, Maasdam is often referred to as the Dutch Emmental.

Sweet and nutty

Maasdam is soft and sweet, with a nutty flavour. It is consumed when still young, and is delicious either as a snack or on a sandwich.DOC supplies naturally matured Maasdam 12kg wheels, in pieces or slices. It is possible to have your own label applied on our cheese.

Processing possibilities

Cheese Block
Cheese Slices
Mini Cheese Cubes