Our assortment

We offer an extensive range of dairy products. Our new extended assortment will be available on the website soon.

Foil Cheese

Besides naturally matured cheese, DOC can also provide you with different types of cheese that are produced as foil-ripened and rindless. These cheeses are perfect for customers who need cheeses for further processing. Next to the traditional Gouda (48%), Gouda (30%) and the Edam (40%), we also offer a Maasdam (45%), Emmentaler (45%) and a Mimolette (40%) as a foil-ripened cheese. Also different kinds of specialties, like low fat cheese,or cheeses with added ingredients are available in a foil wrapping.

Packaging possibilities

DOC supplies foil-ripened cheese in blocks of 3 kg and 15 kg, in slices or as grated cheese.