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Gouda - The most famous cheese from The Netherlands

Gouda is the most well-known cheese of all Dutch cheeses. It was named after the Dutch town of Gouda, where it has been sold at the market for centuries. In the 19th century, the production of this type of cheese started to spread across the rest of the Netherlands, resulting in the fact that Gouda cheese became the most commonly made cheese. Traditional Gouda, full of flavour and aroma, is available in different stages of maturity, including mild, mature and even extra mature. Gouda contains a minimum of 48% fat in dry matter.

International quality seal for one of the world’s most famous cheeses

To protect the original Gouda cheese, the European Union has granted a PGI-recognition to the genuine Dutch Gouda cheese with the term Gouda Holland.PGI stands for ‘Protected Geographical Indication’. Only products that owe their reputation to their geographical origin and are produced there can be considered for such protection. All the naturallyripened Gouda cheeses from DOC have this PGI-recognition. This can be recognized by the special Gouda Holland quality seal.

Gouda in different shapes and packaging

DOC supplies naturally ripened Gouda cheese in wheels of 4.5 kg or 12 kg, in pieces, slices or as grated cheese. It is possible to have your own label applied on our cheese.

Gouda 30% fat

Besides the traditional Gouda, DOC also produces a low fat Gouda (30% fat). This Gouda type is available as a foil ripened and rindless 15kg block and perfectly suitable for further processing.

Gouda Premium

Gouda Premium has a different riping process which results in a mature, intensive taste. Due to the intensive taste, less of the cheese is needed to obtain the same taste level when using other types of cheese. The cheese is needed to obtain the same taste level when using other types of cheese. Gouda Premium great taste and melting capacities makes that it is therefore excellent for industrial usage as making pizza’s or any other meal preparations. Gouda Premium can be used as an alternative for naturally ripened semi-matured cheese.

Processing possibilities

Cheese Block
Cheese Slices
Cheese Cubes
Mini Cheese Cubes
Grated Cheese